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"Kintsukuroi" by Michael Berg

To know and be known. I love the two sided journey hidden within this statement – journeying with God. The weird part is how unevenly matched it would seem we are in this; yet he longs to walk beside me through my moments of longing, of mystery, and discovery – even as He knows me fully. It’s all very geographic somehow. There’s a lot of eroding going on deep within as plateaus suddenly drop to become canyons. Suddenly, I see in a new light the height and depth of formerly immutable stone walls, effortlessly carved to the bone. We’re journeying to become the living stones, carved by “the music of waters”, as John Wesley Powell once said of the Grand Canyon. When I consider the longing, the groaning, the blood, it makes me think it’s not actually weird at all, this journeying with God. It’s pretty personal and He designed it that way. This song is simply trying to capture that two-sided journeying we take with the Father and the Father takes with us – who knows and yet wants to be known, even as we, “just wanna be closer”.

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