• Your Love's Here to Stay

    featuring Dion Davis

    verse 1.

    Let my soul rise up to meet you


    As the morning rises to meet the sun

    Everyday I'm in your presence

    And in your presence there is fullness of joy


    Your love's here to stay

    No matter what the season this love is here to stay

    Your love's here to live

    If you who died are in us your Spirit is not dead

    verse 2.

    Make the former things forgotten

    Something new and beautiful's breaking forth

    Rivers come to the desert

    And in the wilderness you’re paving a way


    Jesus you are love and I love you

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  • Where Else Can I Go

    verse 1.

    You have searched me Lord

    And you know, when I sit, when I rise

    You discern my ways

    Hold my tongue

    steer my path

    hide my eyes


    Where else can I go?

    Your Spirit’s all I see

    What else can I know?

    Your Presence holding me

    verse 2.

    You are always near

    Heavens heights

    Bed in hell

    You are there

    Night will be as dawn

    Breaking forth

    You will come

    Love affair


    I long to be in the presence of

    my one true love

    speak your promise over me

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  • Shame Into Praise

    verse 1. & 2.

    Here within my heart is a place I receive

    Here within this place I receive your heart (repeat)


    I am in pursuit

    Of all that you are

    So all that you are

    Becomes all that I am

    Becomes all that I am


    Lost in darkness you found me

    By your love you turned my shame into praise

    An orphan mindset

    Could not hold me

    By your love you turned my shame into praise


    You have turned my shame into praise (repeat)

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  • Inhabit

    verse 1. & 2.

    You inhabit the praises of your people
    For we have trusted in your promises
    Hope differed has made my heart turn bitter
    Faith restored is building trust once more


    My heart is your home
    You have promised me
    You will never leave

    I am not alone
    You have promised me
    You will never leave

    bridge 1.

    When I wasn't faithful you were faithful

    Even as I wandered you were steadfast in your love

    I was lost and naked you were my shelter

    Every fear has faded for my heart is now your home

    bridge 2.

    Your yoke is easy and your burden is light (repeat)


    My heart is now your home (in response)

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  • The Field

    verse 1.

    Nothing on earth is worth more than your love
    You paid it all to bring heaven to us
    Source of great joy you have given yourself
    You took on all pain to to take all pain away


    You are the gold in the field
    You're my treasure
    All have I sold for your love
    For your pleasure

    verse 2.

    What is this fruit that abounds from within?
    Not by my hands, you cast down every sin
    Bring to an end eye for eye, tooth for tooth
    Each single seed you will grow forth your truth


    You aren't afraid of my mess

    It's your perfect love casting out fear

    As you tell me the truth

    Every good thing on earth is from (you)

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  • Father

    verse 1.

    Clothed in songs of deliverance and grace
    I know I'm secure
    Tell your truth I'm preserved and always safe
    You're my hiding place



    You are love

    The fullness of

    All that's good

    verse 2.

    Silent sin killed my heart and kept me trapped
    But you embraced it all
    A flood of death could not sweep me feet away
    For you released my guilt


    You are a father who keeps every promise in your heart and in your love

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  • Intentions

    verse 1.

    Oh your light will break forth like the dawn
    And your healing shall spring forth with hast
    Righteousness will go before me
    The glory of the Lord will be my guard


    Take me my love with your intentions
    I will become a beautiful dwelling place
    A lover who's after your heart
    A lover who’s after your heart (2nd time)

    verse 2.

    Oh the lord shall guide and satisfy
    Strength will come to what is scorched and dry
    I long to be an overflowing well
    I stream of water that will never fail


    You will raise up age old foundations
    To renew what once was dead
    Build, repair the walls that are broken
    Go restore these lifeless streets

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  • Adore

    verse 1.

    Father in heaven, Spirit on Earth
    You have shown me my worth
    Blood in my veins and words in my chest
    Love is all I confess

    verse 2.

    Down from the cross and up from the grave
    Jesus you're all I crave
    Reconcile friend and reconcile foe
    Bloom all the seeds you sew


    I adore you
    I adore you
    I adore you, Lord

    verse 3.

    Seated up high you beckon me, "come"
    Heaven is where I'm from
    I am now free and freedom's in me
    Love is all I can see


    You have drawn me closer in
    And purified my darkest sin
    Your glory seen, your word made flesh
    You are good you're love expressed


    I, I can't keep my eyes off you

    I can't keep my eyes off you

    You're the one I adore

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